Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


To assist consumers and athletic trainers alike, the following questions and answers have been composed. If you do not find an answer to your question here you can contact the office staff at the email address on the home page.

Any individual whose job meets the following definition: Athletic training is practiced by Athletic Trainers, healthcare professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and intervention of emergency, acute and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations and disabilities. All individuals regardless of whom they work for who are titled “Athletic Trainer” or utilize that title must be licensed with the following exceptions: a. An athletic trainer who resides and is employed in another jurisdiction and who possesses the required licensure, certification or registration necessary to practice athletic training under the laws of the jurisdiction in which the athletic trainer is employed if that person is performing athletic training in this state in connection with teaching or participating in an educational seminar or is providing athletic training services in this state to persons of a bona fide professional, intercollegiate, interscholastic or amateur sports organization by which the athletic trainer is employed, for not more than one hundred twenty days in any twelve month period. b. Students enrolled in an athletic training education program. c. Athletic trainers who are employed in the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Public Health Service or U.S. Veteran’s Administration.

A.R.S. § 32-4101 ET. Seq. and R4-49-101 ET. Seq. are the Arizona Revised Statutes and Arizona Administrative Code (rules) that dictate the standards by which Athletic Trainers will be measured. Links to these statutes and rules can be found on this website or they may be accessed at www.azleg.gov for the current statutes and www.azsos.gov for the current rules. All individuals who are either currently licensed and/or seeking licensing should make themselves familiar with these two documents.

The easiest manner in which to obtain a license is to go to the forms section of this website and download a copy of the application form. Follow the instructions carefully and be sure to include proof of your National Board of Certification (BOC) and college transcripts. BOC proof needs to be sent directly to our office so we have provided the link to that organization under the forms section of this website for your convenience in contacting them. The Federal Government and as such Arizona, requires that you provide proof of citizenship or the right to work in the United States. You need to complete that form and include your choice of document(s) to prove your citizenship and/or right to work. A list of acceptable documents is also included on the forms page. Be sure to include the correct fee for the licensing process. Checks, money orders or cashier’s checks should be made out to the Arizona Board of Athletic Training. Finally, you should check this website periodically for any change to the licensing process.

The Arizona State Legislature bears the responsibility for creating and/or accepting changes to statutes. Statutes begin as bills submitted to the Legislature which may undergo changes during the process of becoming law. Once the Legislature completes their process the resultant bill is sent to the Governor’s Office for signature. Provided that the Governor does not have a problem with the bill that would cause the veto process to be enacted, the bill is signed and becomes law 90 days after signature unless the bill includes an emergency clause in which case it becomes law immediately. The Arizona Administrative Code (rules) are proposed by the licensing agency holding the responsibility under their statutes to develop rules. The rule making process is somewhat complicated but the important thing to remember is that this process involves public comment. Therefore, the consumer and/or athletic trainer can be involved in the development and process of rule making. If you are interested in more details on the rule making process you can find the information at the Secretary of State’s website (www.azsos.gov) under the Business Services/Publications area.

There are several avenues available to you if this is the case. It is suggested that you begin with contacting the Board staff to make your concern known. Depending on the nature of your concern the Board staff may be able to assist you immediately or may have to raise the matter to the Board in which case the concern would be scheduled for the next Board meeting and you would be invited to attend. It should be made clear; however, neither the Board nor the staff of the Board have the ability to make exceptions to statutory law or rules. If you do not feel you have received adequate response to the concern you may also contact your legislative representative or the Governor’s Office. If you are an Athletic Trainer you may also want to express your concern to your state professional organization. The Board and Board staff are always ready to assist you in any manner that is appropriate.